Change Log


  • WAR's Inner Strength can nullify effects of orbs' Subduction AoE in Onra fight, courtesy of Yayame Akagane


  • EO Spartoi can be stunned, courtesy of Aggressive Bread @ Zalera


  • Added DRK and RPR job specific tips, courtesy of Artin


  • Corrected floor range for Deep Palace Bandersnatch (171-174), courtesy of Chaika Prime @ Faerie


  • Corrected Deep Palace Demon's Charybdis (90% of *max* HP, not current)


  • Added a few more pomander tips, courtesy of Artin


  • Added boss notes and timings for several PotD bosses, courtesy of Flae


  • Added more DRK notes for HoH floors 60-90, Artin


  • Corrected kill range for PotD floors 41-49/91-99 and HoH/EO floors 31-49
  • Corrected PotD floor 130 boss HP
  • Added more enemy details
  • Above changes courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added BRD kill times for HoH bosses on 60, 70, 80, and 90, courtesy of Lava


  • Added AST kill times for all EO bosses, courtesy of MochiFaa (GitHub)
  • Updated MCH kill times for EO bosses
  • Corrected kill range for EO floors 41-49


  • Updated Enchantments section of Knowledge page to detail grouping and which enchantments can stack


  • Updated data for PotD and HoH chest analysis
  • Added NIN tip regarding Hide, courtesy of Kronkleberry
  • Added EO resources, courtesy of Kronkleberry


  • Noted no raisings drop on EO 81+, courtesy of Kronkleberry


  • Correction: Marked Thunderbeast as a patrol, courtesy of Kronkleberry


  • Added details on magicite and demiclone type, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added notes about chance of landmines and demiclones in EO 71-98, courtesy of Kronkleberry
  • Added Orthokunoichi ability Assassinate, courtesy of Kronkleberry
  • Corrected Acheron floor range and added Kukulkan ability Whipcrack, courtesy of Jinty
  • Corrected Gowrow floor range, courtesy of Katria


  • Added more PotD 51-79 wall traps, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added more PotD 31-49 wall traps, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added more PotD 21-29 wall traps, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added enemy ratings and notes for SMN for PoTD 150-200, courtesy of cornunut (Discord)


  • Added more PotD 1-19 and 31-49 wall traps, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Correction: PotD 11+ can have up to 3 (not 2) enchantments


  • Orthosystem α is vulnerable to slow (requires witching to apply via Arm's Length)
  • Updated several PotD and EO kill times for MCH
  • Added EO 70 strength-only kill time for MCH, courtesy of Crud Bonemeal (Discord: crud_bonemeal)


  • Updated several HoH boss kill times for MCH
  • Bind and heavy vulnerabilities for all HoH 81-99 enemies


  • Correction: Halls of Fallacies *can* have traps on the walls
  • Correction: Cairn of Raising requires more kills on average than Cairn of Passage
  • Added tip on using transformation traps to undo earlier transformations
  • Added general tips for SGE and WHM
  • Above changes courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added EO info and corrected required food/tincture levels on Preparation page
  • Added note to Preparation page that Echo Drops share a cooldown timer with regen potions
  • Added potency for Orthoiron Corse's Catapult
  • Above changes courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added Hyper-potion info to Preparation page
  • Marked Heavenly Dodo as a patrol
  • Heavenly Sekiban's Trembling Epigraph can be interrupted
  • Status vulnerabilities for HoH 91+ Araragi and Ryujin
  • Updated several HoH boss kill times for MCH
  • Added another PotD floor 50 kill time for PLD, courtesy of RedCrushedEyes (Discord)


  • Added a few status vulnerabilities for HoH 81-100 enemies, courtesy of Velari (Discord: Velari#6450)


  • Added approximate HP for Eureka Orthos 70-99 bosses
  • Added approximate HP for floor 61-100 dread beasts
  • Above updates courtesy of AlexGamingPleb#5497 (Discord)


  • Noted a few more EO enemies that are vulnerable to slow but require witching to apply with Arm's Length
  • Corrected kills/passage for EO 51-89 with help from RedCrushedEyes#1337 (Discord)


  • Added more EO enemy details


  • Added more EO enemy details, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Fixed EO 50 boss's Songs of Thunder and Ice description (in/out were reversed)
  • Fixed EO 95+ chimera not being marked as a patrol
  • Fixed missing note about dread pomanders not dropping until EO floor 7


  • Added warning icons for HoH enemy abilities


  • Added warning icons for PotD enemy abilities


  • Added more SMN EO boss kill times from Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)
  • Adjusted sorting order of special enemies
  • Fixed wide enemy images causing horizontal scrollbar on small screens


  • Added warning icons for dangerous abilities to ability list and enemy list for Eureka Orthos. Click the icons to see the legend. Warnings will be added for other deep dungeons soon
  • Removed job-specific enemy ratings from Eureka Orthos since the difficulty range is much lower than in other deep dungeons


  • Added more EO enemy details


  • Added more EO enemy details


  • Added more EO enemy details and boss times, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Fixed Orthos Persona aggro type (proximity, not sight)
  • Fixed Orthodrone floor range (they can also appear on 98)


  • Added more EO enemy details, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added Eureka Orthos info to the Knowledge and Pomanders pages


  • Added more EO enemy and floorset details


  • Added more EO enemy details, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added more EO enemy and floorset details, much courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added mimics to EO floorsets
  • Noted buffs granted after defeating dread beasts


  • Added EO dread beast details, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added notes on EO pomanders which don't drop on specific floors
  • Added more EO enemy details


  • Added dread beasts to all EO floorsets
  • Added more EO enemy and floorset details, some courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added more EO enemy and floorset details
  • Added DRK EO boss kill times from Flamber#0495 (Discord)
  • Added SMN EO boss kill times from Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)
  • Added WAR EO boss kill times from Kurumi Asakura
  • Added more EO 91-100 enemy sleep immunities, courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • Added Eureka Orthos floor 99 boss abilities and rotation
  • Added more EO enemy details, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added more EO enemy details
  • Added more EO enemy status vulnerabilities, courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274) and Sai (Discord: aSai#5531)


  • Added more EO enemy details


  • Added more EO enemy details, much courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added Eureka Orthos floors 91-100
  • Added SGE/WHM notes and boss times for EO 1-50, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added simple strat for EO 40 boss's Meracydian Squall
  • Added a few more EO enemy details


  • Added Eureka Orthos floors 81-90
  • Added more EO enemy details, much courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added EO 31-50 enemy stats, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added Eureka Orthos floors 61-80
  • Added more EO enemy details
  • Sleep/stun vulnerabilities courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • Added EO enemy details, partly courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added Eureka Orthos floors 41-60
  • Added tip for dealing with PotD 181+ sprites as MCH, courtesy of Risq (Discord: Risq#5462)


  • Added Eureka Orthos floors 31-40
  • Added sleep/stun vulnerability status for several EO mobs, courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • First batch of Eureka Orthos (EO) data added: floors 1-30


  • Updated HoH boss 70-90 kill times for PLD. Courtesy of rajijamu (Discord: raj#0306)


  • Added more enemy ability details, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added Deep Palace Gourmand's Inhale ability
  • Onyx Dragon does not seem to use Chaos Breath on floor 191+
  • Fixed Chest Thump effect (5% vulnerability up, not 10%)
  • Noted that Heavenly Mukai-inu's Ram's/Dragon's Voice can be interrupted by impeding traps


  • Added damage types for HoH enemy abilities and filled in more HoH enemy details, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added missing melee auto-attack for Heavenly Doguzeri
  • Added PotD Onyx Dragon's Chaos Breath party-only ability
  • Added notes for some PotD enemy abilities which target random players
  • Fixed kills/passage for HoH 31+ and 41+ (should be the same as PotD 41+ and 91+)
  • Fixed PotD 181+ Garm Voice ability descriptions (additional effects were swapped)


  • Added details for Deep Palace Diplocaulus and Mylodon AoE abilities
  • Fixed Palace / Deep Palace Deepeye gaze AoE type (conal, not roomwide)
  • Fixed missing damage for Deep Palace Sasquatch's Chest Thump
  • Noted that Palace Imp counterattack has a chance to inflict slow
  • Noted that Deep Palace Seedling auto-attack does not always inflict poison
  • Noted that PotD 80 boss's Trounce ability inflicts vulnerability up
  • Added SGE notes for fighting PotD 140 boss without resolution
  • Above changes courtesy of vaxherd
  • Added a couple 6.3 PLD timings for HoH bosses, courtesy of Lava


  • Added damage types for PotD enemy abilities, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Fixed missing damage for Deep Palace Ochu and Abaia AoE abilities
  • Fixed description of Kirtimukha's Rotten Stench (not a guaranteed one-shot)


  • Added icons for physical/magic/unique damage types - currently visible for auto-attacks; to be filled in for abilities soon


  • Added SGE enemy ratings for PotD enemies, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Updated SGE times and notes for PotD 60/120/180 bosses
  • Added/corrected various enemy skill details
  • Added HoH Jinba's damage up skill
  • Added note about glitch with PotD 60/160 flame AoE telegraphs


  • Added Heavenly Dodo image finally!
  • HoH Hitotsume and 91+ Gozu pointblanks can be LoSed
  • These updates courtesy of Velari (Discord: Velari#6450)


  • Added GNB enemy ratings, enemy notes for most of HoH 61-99
  • Added several GNB boss notes and updated kill times
  • Corrected a couple HoH enemies that were not marked as patrols


  • Fixed Deep Palace Fachan Level 5 Death description - not a gaze
  • Fixed Deep Palace Manticore Bloodboil description - seems to buff all damage rather than physical only


  • Show job-specific difficulty ratings in enemy list


  • Updated several MCH kill times for PotD bosses
  • Several corrections to PotD enemies


  • Fixed Deep Palace Worm's Temblor potency (350, not 600)


  • Added more PotD enemy data and SGE notes, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Filled in complete rotation for Edda Blackbosom
  • Noted that Tisiphone's Blood Rain never crits
  • Several corrections to HoH enemies
  • Show family/type in enemy list when not obvious from the name


  • Added HoH enemy stats and ability data, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Split Heavenly Saikoro into two enemies to account for the two varieties (Tornado and Aero)
  • Corrected Heavenly Kyozo floor range (can spawn on floor 98)
  • Noted that diminishing returns do not apply to PotD Anzu's stun
  • Added potency (300) for Deep Palace Tursus's Chilling Cyclone
  • Added attack stats for Deep Palace Crawler
  • Added missing Dragon's Breath to Deep Palace Garm


  • Fixed an issue with enemy details not cycling correctly


  • Added floor selection/highlighting in the enemy lists
  • Show HP and auto-attack in enemy details section


  • Correction: Heavenly Tesso does not use Wash Away


  • Added PotD enemy stats and ability data, courtesy of vaxherd
  • Fixed Deep Palace Black Coeurl enemy name
  • Adjusted HP and auto-attack bars in the enemy lists to better emphasize the difference between enemies


  • Show enemy ability potencies - currently all unknown, but will be added soon


  • Redesigned enemy list on the floorset pages. Thanks to vaxherd for the suggestions and working with me on this! Enemy HP and auto-attack damage will be added soon
  • Fixed cached scripts and stylesheets not being updated when the site changes


  • Fixed Fear Itself debuff (hysteria, not terror), courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added Shinzei Thunder II details, courtesy of Aya
  • Added information about possible enchantments on early PotD floors, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Fixed an issue with selecting the specified enemy and job selections on page load and when clicking enemy name links if local storage is disabled or unavailable in the browser
  • Added DRK ratings and notes for most HoH 61-99 enemies, and a couple more boss timings, courtesy of Aya


  • Added details for PotD boss actions and SGE notes for PotD 10-160 bosses, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Heavenly Dodo is slow-able. Courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • Updated Heavenly Tenma - they are slow-able. Courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • Added no pom PotD 150 boss notes for WAR, courtesy of Fenroe
  • PotD corrections courtesy of Zeoth (Discord: Zeoth#1962): Onyx Dragons are not stunnable, and Wraiths can also appear on 191


  • Added RPR ratings and notes for PotD 151-199 enemies and bosses, courtesy of Enraa (Discord: Enraa#6705)


  • Added more GNB boss timings for PotD and HoH, courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • Added GNB ratings and notes for PotD 151-199 enemies, courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • Added many boss timings and notes for GNB, courtesy of Kess (Discord: Raz🦊#0274)


  • Added some job-specific tips for WAR
  • Added wall traps for PotD 1-9 and 11-19


  • Added the last few missing PotD enemy images
  • Added/updated several PotD boss kill times for WAR and MCH
  • Added/updated a few PotD enemy abilities


  • Updated a few enemy abilities and images
  • Added PotD boss notes and kill times for WAR
  • Added WAR ratings and notes for most PotD 151-189 enemies


  • Corrected kills/passage range for a few PotD floorsets
  • Added/improved a few PotD special enemy pictures
  • Added an *almost* wall trap for PotD 151-199


  • Added drop rate data to the Analysis page
  • Added alteration effect data to the Analysis page


  • Added WAR ratings and notes for most HoH 61-99 enemies
  • Added a few more HoH boss timings for WAR
  • Corrected kills/passage for PotD floorsets 41 and 91, courtesy of vaxherd


  • Added PotD Chest Contents by Floor chart on Analysis page
  • Made it possible to link to specific enemies on the floorset pages
  • Made it possible to set job via URL parameter (e.g.


  • Added pics of a couple more PotD special enemies and several 191+ enemies


  • Added "Info Needed" section on Contributing page
  • Added Heavenly Dodo enemy


  • Updated Analysis and Floorset pages to note pomanders that don't drop on specific floors and sets
  • Added PLD-specific tips on the Tips/Strategy page


  • Added a few more PotD boss PLD timings
  • Improved a PotD 151+ wall trap pic and description, courtesy of blasterpoard (Discord: blasterpoard#6245)


  • Added 3 more PotD wall traps
  • Added/improved a few enemy images


  • Added a TON of HoH boss kill times times for many jobs, and a few for PotD bosses as well, mostly courtesy of Finh Bezahl
  • Added missing PotD 151+ wall trap pic, courtesy of matt_1705 (Discord: mallen1707#6027)


  • Added PotD 151-190 enemy ratings and notes for PLD
  • Miscellaneous enemy updates


  • Added some advice to PotD 191-200 floorset
  • Miscellaneous minor enemy and note updates


  • Improved PotD 180 boss notes for MCH
  • Added another PotD 111-129 wall trap
  • Added notes about PotD 81-89 worm and bomb enrages
  • Added more info/advice for PotD 181-190
  • Added more PLD timings and notes for PotD bosses


  • Added Special Enemies list on floorset pages
  • Added previous/next navigation buttons on floorset pages
  • Added PLD timings for most PotD bosses
  • Added more PotD wall traps
  • Miscellaneous enemy updates


  • Updated food and tincture info on Preparation page
  • Added many lower level PotD wall traps
  • Several minor enemy updates


  • Improved chart styling on Analysis page


  • Added more HoH kill times for PLD
  • Updated dataset for HoH Chest Contents analysis
  • Several minor enemy updates


  • Added more PLD enemy ratings and notes for HoH 71-100


  • Added Endwalker (6.0) kill times for most HoH bosses for SGE, SCH, WHM, AST, SAM, and BLM, courtesy of Finh Bezahl


  • A few minor HoH enemy updates
  • Added Endwalker (6.0) kill times for most HoH bosses for PLD


  • Noted major patch version (5.0) beside old kill times
  • Added Endwalker (6.0) kill times for most bosses for MCH
  • Added another low level HoH wall trap
  • Added several missing enemy images and status vulnerabilities
  • Updated super potion info on preparation page


  • Minor updates and images added to HoH 81-100 enemies
  • Updated PotD 191+ Keeper info


  • Added HoH Chest Contents analysis in new Analysis page


  • Added HoH 1-10 floorset
  • Added HoH 11-20 floorset
  • Noted items that cannot be found on some HoH floors
  • A few minor HoH enemy updates


  • Added HoH 21-30 floorset
  • Added HoH 31-40 floorset
  • Noted the enrages in HoH 41-50
  • Added more HoH 1-19 wall traps


  • Added another wall trap pic for HoH 1-19
  • Added links from the floorset pages to Wall Traps
  • Added pic of Onra


  • Added HoH 41-50 floorset
  • A few updates to HoH 51-80 enemy vulnerabilities


  • Added HoH 51-60 floorset
  • Minor updates/corrections to HoH 61-80 enemies


  • Added HoH 91-100 floorset
  • Added HoH 61-70 floorset
  • Moved wall traps to their own page


  • Added HoH 41-79 wall trap pic
  • Added some missing enemy pics and status vulnerabilities for HoH 71-90


  • Added HoH 81-90 floorset


  • Added HoH 71-80 floorset


  • Several PotD enemy corrections and abilities added
  • RDM enemy ratings and notes for PotD 171-199
  • Thanks to [Odin] Maxine (Discord: Max-potion#5818) for these updates


  • Added another PotD 151+ wall trap pic
  • Added Gangrenous Gigant pic
  • Misc PotD enemy corrections and notes
  • Thanks to Nisei (Discord: chakku#3093) for these updates


  • Official launch! Changes will be logged starting now