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General Tips

  • Fight in safe places - hallways and rooms that have been cleared
  • Always be on the lookout for patrols
    • Be careful opening chests if there are patrols coming in case of mimics
  • Never open a silver chest with low HP
  • Try to open chests before the exit is open. That way, Mimics will at least help to open the exit
  • If you’re planning to use a Pomander of Rage or Petrification, or Magicite, try to check chests first in-case of Mimics
  • Know when NOT to open chests - usually this boils down to whether you can handle a Mimic, and have time to do so
    • e.g. you’ve used magicite to clear a floor that has Item Penalty and Amnesia enchantments. If you get a Mimic, you will probably need to use a Serenity and/or other pomanders to survive
  • Be as efficient with your time as possible
    • Always be fighting when possible
    • Kill something weaker while you wait for cooldowns to kill something stronger
    • Explore or make your way toward the exit while fighting if possible
    • Watch for nearby enemy movement while fighting, so you know when it’s safe to run through a room
  • First priority in hard levels is clearing a path to the exit. Skip chests if they’re going to cost too much time or are too risky
  • Patrols and proximity agro enemies are usually best to take out first as they can cause a lot of trouble and really get in your way

Make sure to check out the Pomanders section for additional tips related to pomander usage.

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See Traps in the Knowledge section for information on the trap types and icons. As for dealing with them:

Avoid Them

This usually means hugging the walls, as traps are usually not against the walls. There are exceptions, however… See Wall Traps.

Survive Them

  • Toading/Otter Traps: Hopefully you aren’t fighting anything. If you are, try to kite, dodge around corners, etc… Stay away from snakes if you’re toaded!
  • Luring: Not good in the deeper floors!
    • Only the person who hit the trap has agro, so the safest option is to let them die if you’re in a party.
    • If solo and you’re likely to die, make sure you have a Pomander of Raising active and die in a safe spot - not in the middle of the room!
    • If trying to fight through
      • Consider popping Pomander of Witching/Steel/Strength/Frailty
      • Try not to use Rage/Petrification/Magicite unless you were already planning to
      • Use all of your crowd control abilities - sleep, heavy, bind, etc.
      • Make sure to kill the most dangerous mobs first - especially if they have an enrage

Use Them

  • After using a Pomander of Sight, you can use landmines to quickly kill one or more enemies. This is particularly useful (and safer!) for tanks. Silver chests can be used for the same purpose.
  • If you’re using a Pomander of Rage, Petrification, or a Magicite, hitting a luring trap can give you three extra/quick kills
  • If you’re going for score, the penalty for hitting a luring trap is less than the bonus for killing the three extra enemies

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Treasure Rooms

When you see a treasure room, the first thing to do is determine where the exit is. If it’s in or through the treasure room, you’re going to have to deal with it. Your options:

  • Fight through. Kill all or some of the enemies, at least until you have a path through the room
  • Clear quickly with Pomander of Rage, Petrification, or Magicite
    • If you’re going to run into the room with Rage, consider using a Safety or Sight first
    • Be careful not to agro too much at once when using Rage, as your attacks are not very fast and you may die before you can kill everything
  • Sacrifice yourself! Use Pomander of Raising and any defensive cooldowns you have and run through the room. Try to avoid as much agro as you can and die on the other side. This is a very dangerous option - if you die in the middle of the room, this will end your run
  • HoH only: Use Pomander of Concealing to sneak through. Watch out for Rachimonais, Mammoths, or any other enemy that hits you with untelegraphed attacks out of combat, as these will break your concealment

Consider using a Pomander of Fortune if you’re going to clear the room.

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Hall of Fallacies

There is a much higher danger from traps in these big rooms, both because there are no inner walls that you can hug, and because of possible fake exits. Hugging the outer wall is safe from traps, but you’ll likely need to venture in to collect chests and get to the exit. The best thing to do is remove all traps, including fake exits, with a Pomander of Safety.

Alternately, Pomander of Sight will reveal any floor traps, but won’t help with fake exits. Pomander of Concealing will allow you to test the exits - if you run into an exit don’t see the normal transference effect, it is a trap. If you are concealed, the trap will not be sprung.

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Job-Specific Tips:

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  • Always be kiting!
    • Use Sprint immediately before pulling an enemy to give yourself 20 seconds of easy kiting. Using Sprint when already in combat lowers the duration to 10 seconds. Save Sprint for tougher enemies and pull weaker ones while waiting on cooldown
    • Leg Graze gives you another 10 seconds of kiting. Try not to overlap with Sprint
    • Bind an enemy with Foot Graze to get some extra distance and also give yourself some time to heal
  • Don't forget your other mitigation
    • Use Tactician when you're going to be taking a couple hits from something scary
    • Slowing enemies with Arm's Length helps too
  • Save burst for tougher enemies if necessary. You can take something down much quicker with Reassemble Drill, Turret, Wildfire, and Hypercharge, which means it has less time to murder you!
  • Make sure Head Graze is almost ready before opening possible mimics. 7 seconds left on cooldown is close enough
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  • Time is your biggest enemy, so keep moving as much as possible. Try to alternate between fighting and exploring efficiently - fight when Fight or Flight is up, and explore when Sprint is up
  • Apply DoTs and continue to kill a mob slowly with Shield Lob while exploring. In HoH, Requiescat allows you to do better damage while kiting too
  • Take advantage of landmines and exploding chests to kill multiple enemies at once, saving lots of time
  • Keep in mind that Clemency costs you uptime and breaks combos. Use potions and defensive cooldowns to prevent the need for Clemency as much as possible
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