Deep Dungeon Compendium

This site is an attempt to collect as much knowledge of FFXIV deep dungeons in one place as possible. It should serve as a good guide for groups looking to complete deep dungeons, but even more so for those brave souls looking to solo them.

This is all about sharing knowledge, so collaboration is most welcome! If you have additional knowledge or any suggestions at all to share, please see the Contributing page. In particular, job-specific information would be extremely helpful, as I will not likely be soloing on every job!

I would like to give a special thanks to Angelus Demonus and Maygi for their amazing guides that helped me immensely through my own first deep dungeon clears. See the Resources page for links to these and other great resources.

-Daleven Vindhler

Recent Updates


  • EO Servomechanical Orthotaur cannot be stunned
  • EO Fitter casts Allagan Meteor
  • Above updates courtesy of Aggressive Bread @ Zalera


  • WAR's Inner Strength can nullify effects of orbs' Subduction AoE in Onra fight, courtesy of Yayame Akagane


  • EO Spartoi can be stunned, courtesy of Aggressive Bread @ Zalera


  • Added DRK and RPR job specific tips, courtesy of Artin


  • Corrected floor range for Deep Palace Bandersnatch (171-174), courtesy of Chaika Prime @ Faerie

See full change log for older updates.