Pomanders are found in gold chests, and have many helpful effects. Using them efficiently is key to getting a solo clear. Below is a description of each pomander, and some tips for using them effectively.

These are called protomanders instead of pomanders in Eureka Orthos.

Pomander of Safety Safety Removes all traps from the current floor. In HoH Hall of Fallacies, fake beacons are also removed. Mimics are not considered traps, and are not affected.
  • Best used in Hall of Fallacies in HoH
Pomander of Sight Sight Reveals the current floor's map and the location of all hidden traps.
  • Use for quickly finding the exit, especially when planning to wipe a floor
  • Reveal traps to plan landmine plays
Pomander of Strength Strength Increases damage dealt and HP recovered via healing magic by 30%. Duration: 8 minutes
  • "Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense"
  • If you use steel, it's usually good to also use strength to maximize your kills while steel is up
Pomander of Steel Steel Decreases damage received by 40%. Duration: 8 minutes
  • Allows you to kill a lot of enemies that you normally couldn't
  • Consider combining with strength to maximize your kills while steel is up
Pomander of Affluence Affluence Increases the number of treasure coffers on the next floor. Increase is 50%, rounded down.
  • Use when you're missing multiple valuable pomanders
Pomander of Flight Flight Decreases the number of enemies on the next floor. Number of enemies per room is halved (rounded up), and the number of enemies required to open the Cairns of Passage/Return are also halved (rounded up).
  • Ideal to combine with affluence to make it easier to collect all of the chests
  • Not ideal to combine with alteration, as it will halve the number of enemies that are affected
Pomander of Alteration Alteration Changes all enemies occupying a random room on the next floor into mimics or mandragoras.
  • If you get mandragoras, easy kills!
  • There are some floors where even mimics are better to fight than a lot of other things - see PotD 187-189
  • If you get mimics, there's also the chance that you'll be able to avoid them
  • Both mimics and mandragoras have a high chance of dropping chests, so this can also help with pomander recovery
  • Not ideal to combine with flight, as that will halve the number of enemies that are affected
Pomander of Purity Purity Remove the Pox status.
  • Use when you really need to get rid of pox, but deal with it to save the pomander if you can
Pomander of Fortune Fortune Increases the chance enemies on the current floor will drop treasure coffers. The increase is roughly 12-13%. See the Analysis page for more information
  • Use when you're missing multiple valuable pomanders and are planning to kill a lot of enemies on a floor
  • Great to use before raging, petrify, or especially magicite
  • Best possible use is before using magicite to clear a Hall of Fallacies
Pomander of Witching Witching Transforms all targets within range into a frog, imp, or chicken.
  • This is a good panic button when you agro a second mob or hit a luring trap
  • Be aware that imps still do significant damage
    • Imp: 60% base autoattack damage
    • Chicken: 30% base autoattack damage
    • Frog: negligible (<1%) damage
  • Necessary for landmining tactics on later floors. Remember to use only when mobs are grouped
Pomander of Serenity Serenity Removes all enchantments from the current floor.
  • Use when you can't deal with the floor enchantments and don't want to use a rage/petrify/magicite - especially if you have other beneficial effects such as strength, steel, flight, or alteration running
  • Make sure to save one for HoH floor 99, which always has 3 enchantments.
Pomander of Intuition Intuition Reveals the floor's hidden treasure.
  • It's very rare to go 3 floors in a row without a hoard, so use on the 7th floor in a set at the latest (assuming you didn't already get a hoard on the 7th floor.
  • Keep at 2 except on sets before it changes to a better hoard type. (e.g. better to keep at 3 on HoH 61-70, so you have 3 at the start of the platinum sack floors)
  • Use ASAP in PotD 151+ and HoH 71+. Just be careful of traps! Easiest to collect on floors you're planning to wipe, or where you've used safety/sight.
Pomander of Raising Raising
  • Use when there's a good chance you're going to die!
  • If you're going for a clear, you'll only want to use these on the last 3 floorsets
Pomander of Rage Rage
(PotD Only)
Transforms user into a manticore. Grants ability "Pummel" that kills any enemy except bosses in one hit. Duration: 1 minute
  • Does not kill in one hit on floors that have knockback disabled
  • Use to clear a floor quickly, especially when there are a lot of things you don't want to fight
  • Make sure you know where the exit is if you're trying to clear the path. Consider using sight if necessary
  • Watch out for traps, as an unexpected luring trap or landmine can pose a problem. Sight or safety might be a good idea if you're planning to run into the middle of a room
  • An efficient use is to clear one floor and get to the exit with time still left to get some kills on the next floor
Pomander of Lust Lust
(PotD Only)
Transforms user into a succubus. Grants ability "Void Fire II," a circle AoE on your current target that does damage and inflicts 10% vulnerability up per stack, up to 5 stacks. Duration: 1 minute
  • Best used to speed up boss fights
  • Macro to cancel transfiguration immediately: `/statusoff Transfiguration`
Pomander of Resolution Resolution
(PotD Only)
Transforms user into Kurubu. Grants ability "Heavenly Judge," a large ground targetable AoE that does damage and stuns. Does much higher damage to ashkin. Duration: 1 minute
  • Use for easy/quick kills in 91-100 and 191-199 floorsets
  • Use in 100 boss fight to prevent adds from resurrecting
  • Use to kill 140 boss very quickly
Pomander of Frailty Frailty
(HoH Only)
Weakens all enemies on current floor. Duration: 3 minutes
  • Use alone for a weaker strength+steel effect
  • Use in combination with strength or steel for even greater effect
  • Can be used on bosses as well
Pomander of Concealment Concealment
(HoH Only)
Renders party invisible to enemies and traps.
  • Great for getting past treasure rooms or proximity mobs that are blocking your way to the exit
  • Can be used in HoH Hall of Fallacies to test for traps in fake beacons as they will not pulse
  • The effect will be cancelled if you use an ability or pomander, open a silver chest that explodes, or get hit by an enemy's out-of-combat abilities. It is safe to use Sprint though
Pomander of Petrification Petrification
(HoH Only)
Turns all enemies on current floor to stone.
  • Use to clear a floor quickly, especially when there are a lot of things you don't want to fight
  • Wait for sprint and plan a clear route before using for maximum effect
Pomander of Lethargy Lethargy
(EO Only)
Inflicts all enemies on the floor with a very potent slow. Auto-attack delay as well as weaponskill and spell cast and recast time are increased. Duration: 10 minutes
  • Good panic button like witching
  • Use for enemies you're unfamiliar/unconfident with. EO enemies have a lot of abilities with late telegraphs, so this will give you more time to react
  • Can use on floors with enemies that have dangerous out-of combat AoEs (e.g. sasquatches) to reduce risk
Pomander of Storms Storms
(EO Only)
Reduces the HP of all enemies on the current floor to a single digit
  • Gather up a few enemies before using, then finish them all with a single AoE. If the enemies are dangerous, you can use a witching for safety
  • Enemies are also affected by the Auto-heal Penalty enchantment which makes this an easy floor wipe. Consider combining with fortune
Pomander of Dread Dread
(EO Only)
Transforms user into a dreadnaught. Grants ability Rotosmash that kills most enemies in one hit, and Wrecking Ball that inflicts vulnerability up
  • Rotosmash does not kill in one hit on floors that have knockback disabled
  • Be aware that dread beasts are immune to knockback, so Rotosmash will not kill them either
  • Using Rotosmash to get a lot of quick kills is generally far more valuable than putting vulnerability down on a boss. You could use one to clear the floor before a boss, hop in the passage, and get stacks on the boss before it wears off though.
  • See Pomander of Rage from PotD for more tips, as this is much the same