Basic information about how deep dungeons work can be found in the official Deep Dungeon Play Guide. This page is meant to expand upon the Play Guide and provide more detailed information. Knowledge is power!

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Each floor is composed of multiple rooms connected by halls. The number of rooms a floor may have is always somewhat random, but depends on the floorset, with higher floors tending to have more rooms. The floorset pages list the possible number of rooms per floor.

Treasure Rooms

Sometimes a treasure room will appear on the floor. A treasure room always contains four chests, and will have many enemies in it. Enemies that are normally patrols will stay in the treasure room if they spawned there at the start of the floor. If a patrol enemy later spawns in the treasure room, it will roam like normal.

Hall of Fallacies (HoH only)

Occasionally in HoH, you will encounter a floor that is one huge open room with many enemies in it. This is called the Hall of Fallacies. The Hall is actually made up of 12 individual rooms with no walls in-between. These individual rooms follow all the normal rules of regular rooms - non-patrol enemies stay within the room they spawned in, there are 0-1 traps per room, one can still be a treasure room, etc.

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Cairns of Passage and Return

Note: these are called “Beacons” rather than “Cairns” in HoH.

The number of enemies you must kill to activate the Cairns is random, with a range that varies depending on the floorset. The range for the Cairn of Passage is listed on each floorset page. The range for the Cairn of Return is likely the same, but that is unverified.

Each Cairn appears in a random room on each floor with the exception that the Cairn of Passage cannot appear in the starting room.

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Most rooms will begin with 2-3 enemies in them, but there are exceptions:

  • The starting room begins with no enemies
  • Some floorsets have a different range. e.g. PotD 41-49 has 3-4 enemies per room. The range per floorset is listed on each floorset page.
  • Pomander of Flight halves the number of enemies (rounded up), so most floors end up with 1-2 enemies instead of 2-3
  • Treasure rooms contain several additional enemies


Most enemies will stay within the room where they spawn, but each floor has at least one type of patrol that may spawn. Patrol enemies start within rooms like the other enemies, and count towards the normal enemy limit, but will then wander continuously between rooms. Sometimes no patrols will spawn on a floor, and sometimes many will.


Additional enemies will spawn at regular intervals. The interval varies depending on the floorset, and is listed on the floorset pages. These additional enemies may may be patrols or non-patrols, but will always spawn within a room - never in a hallway.

PotD Special Enemies

The Palace is haunted by NPCs who have died in the FFXIV storyline. For each floorset there is one or more of these NPCs who may appear as an enemy. These enemies are included and detailed more in the floorset pages.


There are three different agro types an enemy may have:

  • Sight: will only agro if you run within a cone in front of them
  • Sound: will only agro if you RUN close to them or bump into them while walking. You can safely walk past them as long as you don’t go into their hitbox
  • Proximity: Similar to sound except they will agro even if you’re walking. It is often very difficult to get around them without killing them

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Most floors will have 4-6 chests, but some floorsets have a different range. The range is listed on each of the floorset pages. There are three types of chests:

  • Bronze: contain items such as potions, phoenix downs, and most importantly, potsherds. Potsherds can be exchanged for several items, including Sustaining/Empyrial Potions, which grant a potent regen effect and are essential for soloing
  • Silver: Can have one of several effects
    • Upgrade your Aetherpool arm or armor
    • Chest explodes, dealing 70% max HP damage to any players and enemies nearby
    • HoH only: chest may contain magicite
  • Gold: Contain pomanders - items that help you in the deep dungeon. These are detailed in the Pomanders section

Chests may also be mimics, which will attack you when you try to open them, and can be very dangerous, especially in the deeper floors. The type of chest that may be a mimic depends on the floorset, and is listed on the floorset pages. In the later floors, it is always gold chests that may be mimics.

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Each room besides the starting room may contain 1 trap. Some rooms have no traps, but a room cannot have more than 1 trap. Traps are invisible unless you use a Pomander of Sight to reveal them. They can also be removed from the floor by using a Pomander of Safety.

Enfeebling Trap Enfeebling Increases damage taken and reduces damage dealt, both 30%
Impeding Trap Impeding Applies silence and pacification to everyone nearby (enemies included)
Landmine Trap Landmine Deals damage equal to 80% of current health to everyone nearby (enemies included)
Luring Trap Luring Spawns 3 enemies with agro on the person who hit the trap
Toading Trap Toading
(PotD Only)
Turns you into a toad, preventing all actions and reducing max HP for 20 seconds. Beware snakes while you are toaded, as they will use Devour to instantly kill a toad
Otter Trap Otter
(HoH Only)
Turns you into an otter, preventing all actions and reducing max HP for 30 seconds

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When you arrive on a new floor, there is a chance that one or more enchantments will be applied. These are mostly detrimental, but a few are actually helpful.

Detrimental Effects

  • HP Penalty - Maximum HP is decreased
  • Damage Down - Damage dealt is reduced
  • Amnesia - Unable to use abilities
  • Item Penalty - Unable to use items or pomanders
  • Auto-heal Penalty - HP regeneration has stopped
  • Blind - Encroaching darkness is lowering accuracy
  • Gloom - Enemies have increased attack, defense, and movement speed
  • PotD Only: Sprint Penalty - Unable to sprint
  • PotD Only: Knockback Penalty - Unable to use knockback and draw-in effects. This mostly means that Pomander of Rage will not be useful; however, it also prevents enemies’ draw-in abilities, which can be beneficial in some cases
  • HoH Only: Unmagicked - Unable to use magicite

Beneficial Effects

  • HP & MP Boost - Maximum HP and MP are increased
  • Haste - Weaponskill cast time and recast time, spell cast time and recast time, and auto-attack delay are reduced
  • HoH Only: Sprint - Movement speed is increased

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