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Maygi’s POTD/HOH/EO Handbooks (Solo/Party)

Mainly written from a RDM perspective, but very useful to any deep dungeon explorer. Highly recommended read.

Palace of the DeadHeaven on HighEureka Orthos

Author: Maygi (Discord: Maygi#4987)

Angelus Demonus

Lots of great “How To Solo” deep dungeon videos for many jobs from his stream. Highly recommended.


Streamer: Angelus Demonus (Discord: Angelus Demonus#4738)

Status Vulnerabilities

Quick reference for enemy status vulnerabilities (Google Doc).

Palace of the DeadHeaven on High

Compiled by: Meifa Ardashir (Discord: Cloudburst#9963)

Scoring Explanations

Analysis of score calculations to help you climb the leaderboards!

Google Doc

Author: Alpha Shoot


These are great places to ask questions, meet like-minded deep dungeon runners, and find even more resources. The community is very helpful!