HoH Chest Contents by Floor



  • This is based on data I [Daleven] collected from my own runs only. The data for floors 81+ and especially 91+ is likely to be a bit off as at this time, it's only based on about 950 chests from 81-89 and about 280 from 91-99. Data for floors 1-79 is based on 1000-2000 chests per set, so should be more accurate
  • Distribution of chest types (gold/silver/bronze) is based on non-drops on floors where I opened all chests or at least saw all rooms to know what was on the floor. Drops were not included, as there is some collection bias and I do not record drop types if I don't collect. I do record chest types for non-drops even if I don't collect them, as long as I saw them
  • Distribution of chest types dropped seems to be the same as non-drops
  • Distribution of contents within dropped chests seems to be the same as non-drops, so dropped chests were included for determining distribution of chest contents per chest type